Manderino (suckerforjesse) wrote in stuckeyville,


Hello everyone!
I think there was a post about this earlier but I didn't get the answer I needed!!
The sob story...
I've been searching everywhere for an Ed series 1 DVD.... or anything from season 1 that can ship to England (we're deprived!). I then decided to come to the best place in the world... why didn't I come here earlier?
Please! Tell me where I can get a DVD of it. I have only seen one site and that was for $300 or something...? That's quite a lot!
I've tried Ebay and Amazon but no such luck!
If anyone knows where I can find it please! tell me. I'm desperate!
Thanks a lot!

Edit: Yeah, this is what happens when you don't read first! Sorry for wasting your time, apparently it doesn't exist due to music or whatever.
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There isn't one.

A DVD set for Ed has never been released (by the studio). There are currently no plans for one either. It's all complicated rights issues. You can check for more info.
Thank you very much, I will check out the site.
It's a shame!