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Reminder: "Love Monkey" premieres tonight on CBS!!!

Subject says it all. Tom Cavanagh's new show, "Love Monkey" starts tonight at 10 pm, EST. From the previews it looks funny, so i'll definately tune in. Gotta support Tom! Cheers!
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I saw it last night (as many Canadians did, I'm sure). It's worth a watch, but I still prefer 'Ed'. Unfortunate that it's going up against 'Boston Legal'...
well, now that it's over I can say that i really enjoyed. As a music dork myself, it caught my attention right away discussing good music and the love of it. Very fast paced, funny, and overall a great show.

and lord, if i had a nickel for everytime i've been called a "music snob." hehehehehehe

what did everybody else think? anyone? Bueller?
I wasn't overwhelmed to be honest. I expected more, I think. And I expected better music. Although I don't mind the Killers, I think there could have been a better choice made there. And I couldn't stand that Wayne guy. But that's just personal preference, really. I'm definately not a music snob or anything but I think in a show about real music, integrity and indie labels blah blah blah, the Killers is too mainstream. And I laughed at the Interpol poster. Unless his new job is at Matador, that is funny to me.

It reminded me of 'High Fidelity' meets 'Jerry Macguire' a little too much as well. Which is unforunate but I'm sure now that all the backstory is done regarding that, it won't be like that next week.

Overall, it was all right. Nothing spectacular and I wasn't blown away like I was for shows like 'Veronica Mars' and 'Boston Legal'. But I will say, this is the worst possible show I could get into right now since that's pretty much my dream job, lol. They make it look so easy on TV! :D The next time my mom bugs me about what I want to do, I'll just tell her to watch Love Monkey ;)