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[06 Jan 2009|09:58am]

If anyone is interested, I made a finetune playlist of music from Ed. It is somewhat limited by what is available at finetune and what I could remember (the lists over at stuckeyville.com only took me so far). Here is the stable link: http://www.finetune.com/playlist/2360735

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New Tom Cavanagh Show! [19 Dec 2008|10:48am]

My Exclusive Advance Review of the New TNT Show Trust Me (Starring Eric McCormack, Tom Cavanagh, Monica Potter…)

My Q&A Session with Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanagh (We’re Totally BFFS Now!)

This new show looks really great, I love it. (Lots of HQ pics included.)
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26 Ed Icons [10 Jun 2008|04:16pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

28 Chuck icons from 1x13 "Chuck versus The Undercover Lover"
5 Alanis Morissette icons from her "Underneath" video
26 Ed icons


The rest can be found HERE

Credit alexwhitman25
No hotlinking.
Comments are always appreciated and help let me know what you like.
Textless icons aren't bases.

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Begging... [10 Jun 2007|10:51pm]

I have been re-watching my tapes of Ed, and I notice that I am in need of episodes 2, 10, 20, 41, and 63. Is there anyone who could provide them? I regret that I have no means of copying the episodes I *do* have on tape, so, short of reimbursement, I am limited in ways to reciprocate this big favor I'm asking.

But if anyone would be so kind as to even entertain the idea, I'd be very grateful!
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DVDs... [31 May 2007|09:47pm]

I just came across these:

They look so tempting, yet seem so iffy.
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[08 Aug 2006|03:15am]

I apologize if this has been asked before, but this community's been pretty slow anyway so I don't think anyone would mind.

Favorite 'Ed' related songs? From various episodes. I've become rather nostalgic for the show lately and I'm trying to compile somewhat of an Ed Soundtrack of my own. I don't have much so far ("Next Year" by the Foo Fighters of course, "Question" by the Old 97's, "My Little Corner of the World" by Yo La Tengo, and "Jenifa Taught Me" by De La Soul), so anything you have to offer up would be nice. And yousendit files are even better, hint hint.

Gah! I just remembered I have to nab "You're the Inspiration." Good thing I made this post.
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[08 Jul 2006|11:09pm]

[ mood | determined ]

im juz wondering where i can get ed eps coz they have stopped showing ed over here, so i am very deprived of ed right now. they have stopped showing ed for a total of two years on channel ten and even though it may be on cable i dont have cable! so HELP!
cheers, ed deprived

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Tom Cavanagh Shows! [23 Apr 2006|04:42pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

VH1 is showing all 8 episodes of Love Monkey that were taped (see the story here- http://www.eonline.com/News/Items/0,1,18688,00.html).

And Tom will be on a new show on CBS...

"the sitcom My Ex-Life, centering on a divorced couple turned best buds who are sharing custody of their children. The show is aiming for a slot on CBS' fall schedule, which will be announced next month."

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[18 Apr 2006|02:12pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

hi there.
i was wondering if there was someone out there to help me out. my friend was in a few episodes of ed during the last season (she played amanda, the head of the magazine company). she no longer has her episodes and has been wanting to get them back so i was planning on surprising her with them. only problem is i can't find what episodes she was in and i don't want to ask her because she would get suspicious. i've so far found she was in 'the offer' and 'home for christmas', but i'm trying to find if there are any more. so if there is any one out there who can look it up if they have that season taped to see if she was in any more it would be greatly appreciated.
thanks sooo much!

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Michael Ian Black on Myspace. [23 Mar 2006|12:24pm]

Yeah, I know, there are imposters. But this one is real. This one is the real deal.


X-posted, natch.
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Fanvid made a couple years ago... [07 Mar 2006|08:54pm]


A note about spread-it.com: Make sure if you want to download it, to right click save as after you hit the download button or else it'll just try to play automatically. Which, for obvious reasons, won't work.

Just thought I'd share this. I found it on my comp. I have some more a made years ago. I don't think I've ever shared them before. Nothing special. Just typical fanvids.
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"Love Monkey" has been canned [09 Feb 2006|12:51pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

According to today's USA Today, "Love Monkey" has been canceled after Tuesday's episode pulled in a low 5.4 million viewers. Shame. I feel bad for Tom. Talented guy and he can't find a good outlet.

edit: from TVguide: "LOVE LOST: Emily and Jake, meet Tom. Variety reports that CBS has shelved Tom Cavanagh's Love Monkey after just three airings as part of a Tuesday-lineup shuffle. Taking over the 10 pm/ET slot is The Amazing Race (which premieres Feb. 28), clearing the way at 9 pm for The Unit, the new drama costarring President Palm--, er, Dennis Haysbert."

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"Ed" on VHS; tape trade? [21 Jan 2006|10:39am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Alright, after the show being gone for far too long and hopes dwindling of a DVD release in the near future and the increased agitation of the lack of "Ed" via bit torrent, i was wondering if anybody would be able to help me out by copying the entire run of "Ed" onto VHS for me. I'd be willing to do the B&P or whatever is needed. I'm just asking for good quality and complete episodes. I know there were folks on STuckeyville.com that did this, but i haven't posted there in ages. If anybody on here would be willing to help me out or boot me in the direction of help, I would most grateful. Thank you.

- mike

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[20 Jan 2006|12:05pm]

i'm sure many of you have seen this, but i thought i would post it just in case.
Amazon.com is doing a "waiting list" for Ed season 1 DVD set. there are still no plans to release it inthe near future because of the music issues, but they will be reporting to the studio the number of people that are offically waiting for it. the more people that are in line waiting for it, the higher the chance of a release, i figure.

anyway, here's the link:
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Reminder: "Love Monkey" premieres tonight on CBS!!! [17 Jan 2006|07:50pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Subject says it all. Tom Cavanagh's new show, "Love Monkey" starts tonight at 10 pm, EST. From the previews it looks funny, so i'll definately tune in. Gotta support Tom! Cheers!

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[12 Jan 2006|10:24am]

Tom Cavanaugh will be on The Late Show with David Letterman tomorrow!
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you probably know this, but... [04 Jan 2006|03:17pm]

From Pop Candy at USAToday.com:

Love Monkey premieres Jan. 17, CBS. Ed's Tom Cavanaugh plays a likeable record exec; his pals are played by Jason Priestley, Arrested Development's Judy Greer and Larenz Tate. If you liked Ed and/or High Fidelity, watch this show. It has heart, humor, quirkiness and decent music -- in fact, it kind of reminded me of Northern Exposure. I hope it lasts.
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[01 Jan 2006|10:46pm]


ideas? anyone know about this?
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DVD [21 Nov 2005|06:40pm]

Hello everyone!
I think there was a post about this earlier but I didn't get the answer I needed!!
The sob story...
I've been searching everywhere for an Ed series 1 DVD.... or anything from season 1 that can ship to England (we're deprived!). I then decided to come to the best place in the world... why didn't I come here earlier?
Please! Tell me where I can get a DVD of it. I have only seen one site and that was for $300 or something...? That's quite a lot!
I've tried Ebay and Amazon but no such luck!
If anyone knows where I can find it please! tell me. I'm desperate!
Thanks a lot!

Edit: Yeah, this is what happens when you don't read first! Sorry for wasting your time, apparently it doesn't exist due to music or whatever.
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[13 Oct 2005|01:06pm]

New here... love the lovely Ed and miss it terribly.

I'm in the middle of making an ultimate Ed CD (okay, so it's actually Volumes IV and V by now, there's a lot of music on Ed!) for a friend's birthday and I was wondering if anyone here knew of a place where I could find a MP3 or a WAV file of The Warren Cheswick Experience featuring Phil Stubbs performing "Soothe My Soul, Stuckeybowl"? It's from the first season episode "The Whole Truth" where Phil hosts an open-mic night at the bowling alley.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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